Sewing Project #2

This afternoon I picked Chad up from the airport. He had been in Dallas for the NCAA tournament. So I was home early from work and he was asleep on the couch, so I started with sewing project #2. I bought fabric this weekend for an apron. I bought an apron last spring and it’s so cute, unfortunately when I washed it, the black totally bled into the white trim even though I washed it in cold, so I am trying to create an apron just like it but with different fabric… Unfortunately I bought the wrong type of bias tape for the trim, so I will head to the fabric store tomorrow and maybe I can get some time in tomorrow… but here are the pieces all cut out…

I like simple things like aprons… size and fit is not as important. Actually this morning I was thinking how I didn’t even think to measure how my current (store-bought) skirts that fit… I am just out of practice. I probably should have called my talented mother before I started, she probably would have reminded me of some of those helpful hints!

PS. It is so awesome that my cutting board fits perfectly across my two card tables. I used to always use the dining room table, but now I have a whole room that I can just leave my stuff set up in… at least until it drives Chad totally nuts!

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