Weekend Review


Left work about an hour early. Stopped at SuperTarget for some pre-game snack foods. (Cheese, sausage, grapes, rice krispie treat ingredients) Came home, prepped food. Went downtown with Chad. Hung out at Hangge’s before heading over to the Metrodome, to spend 5 hours watching my husband text message Rome for most of the games… Also ate more crappy food. After game, spent another hour at Hangge’s.


Woke up way before I was totally rested, and still not feeling well after eating so much sausage and cheese. Could not fall back asleep. Got up to run errands including some shopping at a VERY busy MOA. Made my first visit to MAC, will go back! Ended up coming home really crabby! Spent time reading and then a nap. Watched the first half of Must Love Dogs, then got booted from the TV, because Chad was home and bball was on. Went to the gym. Ran 2 miles on the track in 17 minutes!! Came home and go ready to go out for Anne’s birthday dinner. We went to Pepito’s in South Minneapolis. It was a lot of fun, always fun to catch up with her and her friends! But came home before bowling to get caught up on some sleep!


Got up finished watching Must Love Dogs (cute movie, liked the book and the movie). Went to late church. Had lunch at Spectator’s. Had a yummy chicken Philly Sandwich. Came home. Ran some errands, groceries and DSW found 2 pairs of shoes (both were great deals)! Watched Oprah from Friday… another good show on America’s Debt Diet (Super interesting, I am sucked in, because it is amazing how some people have chosen to live and just ignore some major financial issues… like if you can’t pay a bill, do you stuff it in a box somewhere, or eating out every meal and every day!) And then did some major cleaning of my closet and organizing of clothes. Then did some vacuuming and cleaning up of the kitchen.. Then to bed..

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