Things I Learned This Weekend

1. I need to make time and plan more fun things with friends!

On Thursday, I had dinner out with my friend Kathy, who I haven’t seen since I left Oracle. Although she keeps up with me here at my blog, it was great to catch up with her!

Friday, Lisa and her sister Krista came over. Steph wasn’t feeling well, so she missed a fun night. I made a homemade pizza and we had played a card game. It was just great low-key, but FUN night in with girls!

2. The game Wizard is fun.

Thanks to Lisa and Krista for introducing me!

3. I can run further than I always thought on a treadmill.

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill on Saturday. I originally set the treadmill to go for 40 min, but increased it by a minute at the end until I reached 50.

4. Running 5 miles is exhausting!

I took 2 naps on Saturday

5. Ann Taylor Loft has cute stuff.

OK, I knew this before, but it was just re-emphasized when I went to the mall on Saturday. I had permission, because Chad was at a Fantasy Baseball draft all day. It’s so nice that my 4 favorite stores at Burnsville Center (ATL, Gap, Fields, and Eddie Bauer) are all right by one entrance.

6. Basketball is getting old.

We went to the Romes last night to watch the basketball games. I was rooting for George Mason, and after they lost, I didn’t care… Not that I was really that interested in the first place… but it’s fun to get together with the Romes and Chad’s friends.

7. “Springing Ahead” sucks.

Again, I knew this, but you always forget how much it stinks.

8. Contemporary Church Services keep you singing all afternoon.

I’ve been singing “Here I Am to Worship” all afternoon. And everytime we hear it, Chad says “Jane sang this at Kyra’s wedding”. I wonder if he remembers what Jane sang at our wedding.

9. Bats make hissing noises when they feel threatened.

Last night when we came home, we heard a hissing noise from the crawl space above in the garage. We thought maybe a bat, so I did some “googling” earlier today, and yes, Bats make hissing noises.. Now we have to figure out how to get rid of it.

10. Pottery Barn always has cute stuff.

Again, I knew this, but was reminded today. I usually just peruse Pottery Barn through the catalog, but today I went in to see if colors matched our furniture… Good news, they do!! So hopefully we’ll be getting drapes and maybe a rug soon! Just have to paint…

11. That I never have enough time to do all the things I want to do in a weekend, but again… this is nothing new!

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