"Reality TV" Bites

Oh yes, I’m still a fan of reality TV shows… at least some of them… But man, I don’t know how many seasons of Survivor that I’ve watched where these people are in alliances with people who they don’t stand a chance with, and they never realize until it’s too late!!! Grr… drives me nuts!

And American Idol??!!! What is going on??! I mean I don’t know if Mandisa should have won it all, but whoa!!! does anyone notice that Bucky is still in it!??? And did anyone understand him on Tuesday when he was singing? I mean Kenny Rogers told him to enunciate, but I still couldn’t understand him most of the time… I hope he is not the Scott Savol of this season… I was happy to see Elliott safe. I really like him. I liked Mandisa too, but she’ll do alright without the competition.. it’s just so messed up.

That’s all I have to say about that! Time for The Office!!!!!

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