Lazy Blogger

Oh, I’ve been a lazy blogger, I know!

And it’s not like I’ve been just been sitting around watching re-runs of 90210… although I’ve done that a little! Just busy, I guess!

Last week, work was super busy, just a lot I’m trying to get done, before I head off to California next week. We’ll see. Today was better. My priorities were shaken up a bit, in a helpful way!

Friday night, I met Chad over at Southdale. We had dinner at Maggiano’s.. yummm… We were good, and just split a 1/2 of an appetizer, a 1/2 of a salad and a whole entree. Then we headed over to Pottery Barn where we got a new rug and drapes for our living room… When I bought the red couch I was looking at chocolate brown as the accent color… This changed to green when I found this rug and drapes in this pretty lichen green color.

We also checked out coffee tables at Room & Board… nothing blew us away there though. We then came home and watched North Country, which is a good movie.

Saturday, I got up early, and took my car into Sears for an oil change. And then I ran home about 3.8 miles. My first outdoor run. It went good. I’m excited to get outside running more. I was a little sore on Sunday, as there is a little different motion used when running outside vs. the treadmill.

After I got home, my brother came over with Drew and Kate to install the ceiling fan that they gave us for our birthdays last fall. We did not have any ceiling light in our bedroom, nor did we know what the switch on the wall was for. He got that wired for us, and the fan/light installed. Although we still don’t have a working switch, as the light/fan stays on when the switch is up or down! Oh well, it’s awesome having a ceiling light and fan!!

Sunday, Chad and I cleaned. And then his family came over. His brother and dad came over early afternoon to use our vice to re-grip their golf clubs and watch the Masters. His mom and Kim and Jana came over after Jana’s nap for dinner and catch-up. I made French Dip in the crockpot. A very yummy recipe, that I probably found before I started this blog, so I will post it in a little bit. The easiest crockpot recipe! And soooo delicious!

Today it was back to work. Now I’m starting to think about getting ready for California and what I need to do before I leave. Luckily, I got my luggage back from JanSport. It was new in February and broke in March when Chad took it to Texas. I had to pay to ship it back, but they shipped me a new one and it was back in less than 2 weeks. Can’t complain about that!

well off to French Dip leftovers and a 90210 re-run.. Maybe a little sewing project too! 🙂

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