Stand Up

I watched Oprah today. And she was right in the previews.. I was shocked!

Today’s show (and tomorrow’s) is about the crisis the U.S. School systems are in. It’s crazy. The inequity between school districts. And the drop out rate. One Third of students will not graduate! What??? I would never have guessed that. I know that I went to a good high school, but I didn’t know anyone in high school who dropped out. The pregnant girls went to night school, and I thought that they dropped out, but they were there at graduation!

Where does the problem lie?? Why are students so apathetic? Why are parents indifferent to these choices?? It just seems that there are NO expectations and no accountability. I can’t even imagine. I did not even know I had a choice to drop out of school. It just wasn’t an option. Getting ‘C’s wasn’t an option, let a lone dropping out.

She had clips from an interview with Bill and Melinda Gates who have put together the Stand Up campaign. Be careful if you go to this website that you have time, because if you’re like I am you will get sucked into the kids profiles. It’s so sad! and devastating!

And the crappy schools they were showing in Washington DC and Chicago. I can’t believe that is legal. It doesn’t conform to Brown vs. Board of Education. I don’t know how we can claim that schools are equal when schools are funded off of property values. There is no way that Minneapolis schools will ever come close to Shoreview or Maple Grove or other afluent suburbs.

I’m really so fortunate that I was raised with high expectations.

P.S. Time magazine also has an article this week. Looking forward to reading that too!

One thought on “Stand Up

  1. i read the time article. i, too, was surprised.
    the saddest thing: those who need the education the most are the ones dropping out: low-income kids. it’s a vicious, self-fulfilling cycle.
    one way to prevent this? read to your kid! that’s what the article said.

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