Easter Weekend

It’s been a crazy weekend. Well not crazy, but busy, but enjoyable!

I took Thursday off to run errands, including a dentist appointment. I felt it was pretty productive and relaxing at the same time, so a successful day off!

Friday I worked. Friday night, Chad and I went to dinner at Spectator’s in Savage. Of course the patio was full, so we sat inside (apparently on the edge of non-smoking, because we both reeked when we got home). Since we didn’t have any Netflix at home, we stopped at the RedBox on the way home and rented Brokeback Mountain. What a great way to rent movies! We did enjoy the movie. Not sure what I thought about it. It was somewhat slow. I think it was just overhyped in my mind, so I was expecting to be blown away. And it was the subject that made it a “great” movie. But I’m still glad I saw it.

Saturday morning, I got up and folded all the laundry I did on Thursday and worked on a couple skirts I am sewing. One is finished, but packed in my suitcase along with my camera, so you won’t get pictures yet. My parents got here mid-afternoon. We went out to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. And then we came home and watched Best In Show, as my parents enjoyed A Mighty Wind, but hadn’t seen this yet.

Today we got up and went to church. Pastor Paul had a great message again, and I think my parents were really impressed by him. After church, we came back here to pack up and go to my Aunt Marlene’s for Easter dinner in Darwin. My two cousins were there with their kids, and my other Aunt and Uncle too. It was a nice meal and fun to see everyone. Mike and Melanie and family were not able to make it as Katelyn was sick most of last night.

Once we got home, I ran a few more loads of laundry and packed my suitcase (and duffel bag) as full of clothes that I could. Leaving for 3 weeks is much tougher. I did not pack in “outfits” as much as I just packed A LOT! I’m hoping to only have to do laundry once while I am in California. It was also tough, because I haven’t worn spring/summer clothes for awhile, so it’s hard to know what I will want to wear. And shoes?? I love sandals, and hopefully will get to wear them a lot, but also need running shoes and other comfortable shoes for when we’re out and about doing tourist stuff on the weekends…

Katelyn (and family) called me tonight though to wish us a Happy Easter. Katelyn is a bit of a talker and likes to share everything and it all comes out really fast and run together, so she was telling me how she saw Grandpa and Grandma A and that the Easter Bunny hid eggs at Grandma L’s house too and that Mommy had a baby in her tummy! A wonderful surprise and exciting news! And now that I know, my mom won’t have to keep the secret very long!! 🙂

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