Sunshine and Palm Trees

I’m out in Riverside, CA this week for work. I will be here the next 4 weeks working, plus spending a little time trying to absorb as much sunshine as I can!!

The weather is beautiful! It’s been in the high 70s – low 80s the whole time with lots of sunshine! Even though I’m in the office most of the day I do try to sit by a window!!

The location we are at is a great store/office. It’s very updated and everyone is really helpful and friendly and excited about learning the new software.

My hotel is great too. I am in a suite as I will be staying the first 2 weekends. They have a great breakfast each morning and a happy hour with drinks and appetizers each night. Although last night we went to a restaurant Honolulu Harry’s where we took in the happy hour appetizer and drink specials. Can’t beat a Mai Tai for $3!!

The hotel also has a couple nice fitness centers, so I’ve run a couple times. Yesterday I ran 10K (on the treadmill) before work. Unfortunately I don’t think the area around our hotel will be conducive to running outside, but I will try and do a little more investigating this weekend, because 6 miles on a treadmill gets boring quickly! At least at the ‘Y’ there is some people watching to do!

The time change has also pulled a number on me. Hard to believe that I was watching the 10th inning of the Twins game (they were on local TV, as they were playing the Angels) before Prime Time even started! Another strange thing.. seeing Paul Magers on the news again!! His hair seems darker in LA!

I will try and take pictures this weekend when I am out sight seeing and at the beach! And at the Dodger’s game… because of course, if there is a baseball game in a nearby stadium Chad wants to go!

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