Happy To Be Home

I walked from room to room last night when I got home. I didn’t realize how much I missed the comforts of home. At least I was settled into one hotel room the whole time, while Chad has been in different hotels in Springfield, MO, 1 night in my hotel in CA, 2 nights in an RV in Alabama, 1 night in a tent, and 2 nights in a traveling RV… oh and a couple very short nights at home these last few weeks!

But I was so happy to see my house, my car, my bed, my desktop PC, and last but certainly not least, my TIVO!!!!! I especially didn’t mind seeing that gas was ONLY $2.62 here. I’ll even tolerate 50 degree weather, especially considering I have tulips and daffodils in my front yard that I didn’t know I had, because this is my first spring in this house!

Yeah, for home!!! For a couple days anyways! 🙂

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