Week 5?

I’m home again! But again only for the weekend. I found out on Wednesday that they need me to fly back to California on Monday. I did negotiate next Friday off… Not working in Lakeville, but OFF! So I’m excited about that. Chad will take the day off and we are going to do something fun!

This week in CA was hectic. Not much to report. I managed to run about 3 miles while I was out there, so I will be struggling in Chicago in a few weeks. Plus I didn’t drink enough water, so I am totally going to be over my lifetime goal and have to pay when I go to Weight Watchers in a little bit…

This weekend is the Race For the Cure. Thanks to all of you who donated to my mom and myself!! We have raised $445!! Which is awesome!! It’s not too late to donate, so check out the link on the side of the page here…

Hopefully the rain will hold off for us! And it could warm up, because now I’m a bit used to 80 degrees and sunny!

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