It is definitely spring! Chad and I both got home on Thursday night. He went golfing on Friday morning, so I got out our new lawnmower (Toro SuperRecycler!) and went to work on our Little House On The Prairie lawn! I had never dealt with a mower that bagged, so that takes time to stop the mower and empty the bag! But it’s done. I have some sore arms, because of the way the self-propel feature of our mower works, but still it mows great. And I got to spend some time outside and learn where I have even more flowers! Like on this tree right outside my front door!

After mowing the lawn I ran some errands and met Sarah for lunch in Woodbury. I beat traffic home in the afternoon, so I stopped in and saw Lisa and Mallory for a little bit. I have not been to their house since I moved I guess, and was amazed at how close it really is! Right off Burnsville Parkway.

Last night we went out to dinner and then went shopping so Chad could have more than 2 pairs of pants that fit. I managed to sneak a cute pair in as well! I’m realizing I have to go back to dressing for spring. Which will be hard after going straight from winter to dressing for summer weather for the last 5 weeks!

I’m off for a LONG run this morning, and then go flower shopping (planting tomorrow) and we have a house warming party at Jason and Joana’s tonight. It will be fun to see everyone as it’s been a long time since I did much circulating at home!

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