So I was sad when Elliott was voted off last week from American Idol. BUT Taylor was great tonight. I think he has the best chance. It should be close based on the performances, but I do think Taylor was much better in Round 1 and slightly better in Round 3. For the first two songs, they got to choose songs they had previously performed during the season, but the 3rd song will “be their first single” (apparently they both get recording deals?) but they both were really cruddy songs. I did not like either of them. However I think Taylor did a little better, and that is who I want to win… so go Taylor!!

So do you think it’s coincidence that when I started flipping channels right after American Idol was over, I found Carrie Underwood performing at the Country Music Awards? If it was planned to pull in American Idol fans, then it worked, and I’m watching now. Shortly after she won Best Single and now the Best New Female Vocalist. And Kelly Clarkson is also performing later with Rascal Flatts. It’s definitely good background TV. Background TV is something I don’t have much, because with TiVo, I really only turn the TV on when I have something to watch. Else I am a radio or music person… Don’t know why, maybe because (as my mom thinks) I may be slightly ADD, and can’t focus on too much at one time!

Tonight before coming back to my hotel room, I stopped for dinner at Chin’s. It was really good. I had a chicken and vegetable stir fry in a Sesame Sauce. Super good! Fresh vegetables and brown rice. I was very impressed. I guess we have a few in the cities, just not on the South Side… but I will have to watch for it.

Anyways… not much else… I think it’s time to go read.

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