So I lied about reading right away… well not lied, so much, as I will read, but I’m blogging first 🙂 I’ve maybe been ignoring my blog lately 🙂

But have season finale’s always been such cliff-hangers? I feel like this season I was just left hanging!

Besides Will & Grace, which ended completely, Survivor and AI (reality TV doesn’t count) my shows totally didn’t “finalize” anything!

FIRST – The Office – Pam and Jim kissed. Chad nor I saw that coming!!! Will she leave Roy?

SECOND – Grey’s Anatomy – who will she choose Chris O’Donnell or Patrick Dempsey??

THIRD – er – Luka is still trapped in that room, and Abby collapsed. How come nothing exciting happened until the last 15 minutes of the show?

FOURTH – How I Met Your Mother – What is the story with Lily and Marshall? Did they break up?

And Even The New Adventures of the Old Christine, which I watch occasionally, kind of left the question of the direction of the characters relationships hanging.

oi… UNfortunately, I have a feeling summer will fly by and I’ll find out what happens…

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