Love & Hate – Take 1

Borrowing this format from Love Is Blonde

LOVE – Being Home. Driving My Own Car, my TiVo, and clean laundry.

HATE – That my husband went golfing and now is out with the guys on my first day home in 2 weeks! And also the housework/chores that need to be done, because we’ve both been gone.

LOVE – Chad’s friends’ significant others, baby showers, and Jenny T. who included me on the evite for a party, so I didn’t hear about it the day before.

HATE – Hate being surprised by news I should have heard from Chad weeks ago… (i.e. Molly and Rod, but mostly Molly, are pregnant)

LOVE – My new haircut and highlights.

HATE – the amount of “product” my stylist uses.

LOVE – These gorgeous warm June days!

HATE – My flowers withered up while I was gone.

LOVE – I will be home for awhile to hopefully revive them!

One thought on “Love & Hate – Take 1

  1. love: that you borrowed love/hate. It’s been awhile since I did one so thanks for taking over this time 🙂

    hate: that I have to go to work tomorrow. another weekend please?

    love: I am going to Mexico on Friday!

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