Home Sweet Home

Besides my brief Love/Hate blogging on Saturday, I apparently avoided the computer as much as I could. I was enjoying being home!

Friday night, I was able to catch an earlier flight home from Milwaukee, and the flight also landed early, so I got in well over an hour earlier than I expected to. Chad and I went out for dinner. As much as I was sick of eating out, we didn’t have anything in the house to eat either. (which makes me wonder what Chad ate all week while I was gone) We tried a place in Savage called Spice. It is a Thai restaurant that we first noticed when we were looking for a house, and we finally tried it. After a very yummy dinner, we walked around Sunset Pond. It is about 1.75 miles around the pond, and a nice way to burn off our dinner.

Saturday, Chad got up early for golf, and I got up (not as early) for a hair appointment and grocery shopping. I went to a baby shower for our friend Kim in the afternoon, while Chad met up with Aaron and the guys for Aaron’s “Baby Bachelor Party”.

Sunday, I coerced Chad to go to early church. We then both came home and took naps! I also did some cooking, including getting some stuff in the freezer as even that is bare. I made Turkey Chimichanga’s, Jerk Chicken, and Marinated Cucumbers. So not much experimenting with anything new. But it still felt good to be in the kitchen!!!

Today I’m at work. Strange, but nice. My gym bag is in the car so I will go to the Gym after. I have some catching up to do! The scale was NOT my friend on Saturday. 7 weeks of restaurant food will do that to you!

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