Short, But Sweet

I had a short and busy weekend! I flew home from California on Friday night, expecting to land around 5:40 and getting laundry and things in order before heading up north for Drew’s birthday celebration. Unfortunately the weather had other things in mind. My flight back from the OC was bumpy and turbulent, so much so that when we got to Minnesota and couldn’t land, because of bad weather we had to fly to Duluth to re-fuel, as we didn’t have enough fuel to circle over the Twin Cities. So I didn’t make it home until after 8. So I didn’t get laundry done as I had to bake Drew’s birthday cake and make a trip to the grocery store because Chad’s dad and brother were coming here for Father’s Day.

Saturday morning, we were up early to drive up to Aikin. We made good time and were there around 10 am. I finished decorating the cake. It was pretty easy, as Melanie had gotten Frog candles (the party theme was frogs) and so I made a pond and put in some grass around it. Drew added some lilypads too. And instructed me to write only “Happy Birthday”. The rain set in shortly after the cake was decorated, so we had lunch inside, before heading next door to Grandpa and Grandma Larson’s where we spent the rest of the day inside enjoying birthday festivities, including opening presents, playing with presents (specifically Movin Monkey’s and Clue Jr), a reptile hunt (Drew hid the little creatures for the rest of us), and a birthday dinner complete with Lemon Birthday Cake with frog candles.

Sunday we woke up to a much nicer day. Chad headed back early to spend the day with his Dad, but I stayed and rode home later with my parents. After church, we put our swim suits on. I played in the lake with Drew and Kate for a little bit, before we went out on the pontoon. We also took the tube out, so several of us took turns riding. My mom and Kate went first. Kate loves it, and was disappointed that her ride was over so fast. Drew and I were next, although Drew was reluctant once it came time to get in the tube, we convinced him to try it, and he seemed to enjoy the short ride. Kate eagerly climbed in again with me, so I could have a longer ride. After our ride we had lunch and opened Father’s Day presents, and then I headed back with my parents.

It was a great weekend, and always fun spending time with the whole family and Melanie’s family too.

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