Holiday Weekend – Love & Dislike (Nothing to Hate during a 4 day weekend!)

Love – That I found someone to cover my on-call duties on Friday evening so I could go to the Brewer-Twins game!

Dislike – The family reunion in front of us at the game, as they kept moving around and standing up in front of us (although they were enjoying themselves, so I can’t hate them for that… just dislike and annoyance)

Love – That we saw back to back homeruns and the Twins win!

Dislike – Going back and forth to Menards and hauling bags of mulch and wood chips around the yard.

Love – That our landscaping looks renewed!

Dislike – Waking up early to meet the people coming to help me split Hostas.

Love – That they did all the splitting and replanted several for me. And showed me exactly how it needs to be done, so I can finish up the ones I found in the back!

Dislike – Feeling so tired at the end of the day that I can’t move.

Love – Having Netflix and always having a movie to watch (even if it’s by myself. This weekend it was ShopGirl)

Dislike – Cleaning and more cleaning to get ready to host a 4th of July picnic.

Love – Seeing my house clean.

Love – Having the tiki pool set up.

Dislike – A big doe eating my freshly split hostas on Tuesday morning.

Love – Seeing a deer in my yard!

Dislike – Grocery shopping

But Love – Making lots of food!

Love even more – having people over!

Hate (so there may be a couple) – mosquitos that come out after dark.

Love – the amazing fireworks display our neighbor puts on. (Seriously we think he must have spent over $1000)

Hate – Going back to work after enjoying 4 days off.

Love – That I’m only working 2 days before another 4 day weekend!!!

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