Weekend Outings

We had a busy weekend, packed with seeing and spending time with friends we don’t see too often.

Friday night, Chad and I met up with my friend Dano from Cleveland and my friend Rock (who lives here but I definitely don’t see him much at all) at Spectator’s. It was a good time. Got a chance to meet Rock’s girlfriend, and Dano’s buddy, Justin and his girlfriend, who I hear about a lot. Justin lives in Savage not far from us at all. And he’s a Packer fan, so he’s a good guy!

Saturday, Chad was up early to beat the heat with an early tee time. The Kieta’s were up from Madison, so Dan joined Chad, Chip, and their dad for the Saturday morning golf. I met Chad, Dan, Angie, Brianne, and Kelly (Angie’s friend) at Major’s for lunch (also noticed that had the same menu as Spectator’s, must be owned by the same company).

After lunch, Angie, Dan, Brianne, and Kelly came over to see our place for a little bit. Brianne went straight for our electrical outlets. Guess we have to get some safety plugs before she comes back.

After they left, Chad and I crashed for about 2+ hour naps. After our naps we headed over to Kelly and Dan’s (different Dan, Kelly’s boyfriend) new house for a barbecue. They live in a gorgeous big house in Uptown. 3 floors and it used to be a rooming house, Beautiful woodwork and in great shape.

We didn’t stay out too late, as we had a day on the river with Sarah and Curt planned for Sunday. But that is another long story, and deserves it’s own blog entry!

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