Boat Outing

Sunday: Sarah and Curt had invited us out on their boat. We woke up to thunder and rain, but decided to wait a couple hours and head out a little later.

So the rain passed, and around 1:30 we were in Prescott ready to go out. Curt suggested we head south on the Mississippi, as the weather looked nicer that way. It was a nice day out, although hot. Luckily we were able to retreat to the lower level with air conditioning for lunch. Sarah and I also took a break down there with our pitchers of margaritas, while Chad and Curt discussed TVs, speakers, and such.

Once we got to Red Wing, we decided to go through the lock and go down a little further and then have dinner in Red Wing on our way back. So we headed down a ways, and then decided to anchor so Curt could cool off in the air conditioning too. We played a game of Catch Phrase, and then went back up and the sun was shining and it was gorgeous. So we all enjoyed the ride back to Red Wing. Curt even let me drive the boat, and he got to enjoy the sun deck a little. When we got back to Red Wing, we stopped south of the lock to eat at the St. James Hotel where only the Port was open, so we felt a little under-dressed, but it wasn’t very busy, so we settled in.. for a long meal. Much longer than we anticipated. The service was not very quick. By the time we were back to the boat it was starting to get dark, so we were cruising pretty good while we still had light. Although we didn’t get far. Once we reached the lock and dam, we found a barge coming through it. And not just any barge, a barge whose load was so big, it couldn’t make it through in one trip. So we sat in the boat for about an hour and a half, waiting for this big barge. About 30-45 minutes into it, we realized why the other fishing boat waiting was dark. Mayflies. They were everywhere. Even though they’re harmless, they are gross. After we finally made it through the lock, we had the challenge of making it through the channel to Prescott in the dark. Sarah was able to kneel on the sundeck, and point the boat’s spotlight around to find the channel markers and we made it back by midnight.

It sure ended up to be more adventure than I’m really used to on a Sunday night, but we had a good time, and hopefully they won’t think we are bad luck, and take us out again.

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