Moving On? Is it a good idea?

I’m thinking about moving on to my own domain. Seeing what I could do with a blog. I’m kind of thinking that this is good timing as I will be working in Valparaiso, IN the next two weeks, and it might make those hotel evenings more interesting…

Anyone have any experience with this? Of course I’d need my domain hosted, and I’m looking into two possible sites who do hosting: and I looked into others like, which was much cheaper, but I don’t want to associate myself with those demeaning SuperBowl commercials, or ads on my blog.

I think the main reason, is because I can’t figure out a template that I like on blogger, and I’d like some more creative outlet with this. PLUS, it’ll be a good geeky learning experience for me. And then I will have to hunt out someone who would be able to help me with a template… I have a few ideas on who that could be already.

Love to hear any comments or suggestions!!!

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