The Weekend Pace

I got back into town around 6:30. Fortunately I was able to relax a little, as I found out that I wouldn’t be flying back to Valparaiso tonight for another week. So I got home, had some dinner, and then went out to get some groceries and pick up the supplies for an art project the next day when my niece and nephew were here for the day.

Saturday morning, I was up early. Drew and Katelyn arrived around 8:30. Mike and Melanie were going to a birthing refresher course. Grandma and Grandpa A. joined us at lunch time for the rest of the day. We had a busy, but fun day! It included a short (hot) walk to the park, decorating onsies with fabric markers for the new babies arriving soon (their new brother or sister, and new cousin), running through their Elmo sprinkler, playing a marble game that Grandma and Grandpa brought, making homemade peach ice cream, and some down time (individually) watching Disney videos. (Cinderella for Kate, Hercules for Drew). When Mike and Melanie got back, we ordered pizza and ate the ice cream we had made.

Last night after everyone left, we watched a movie (my Netflix pick), Transamerica. It was a good movie. A little slow maybe, but a good movie. Felicity Huffman was excellent (nominated for an Oscar in this role).

We went to the late service at church today. It was Renée, the pastoral intern’s, last Sunday. She has always been so friendly to us since we have been going to this church. She gave a great sermon, and afterwards a lunch was planned. So at the end of the service, Pastor Paul asked everyone to remain in their seats to say a prayer before lunch. After the prayer, Pastor Paul made another announcement: Renée had planned everything about the service except what was about to happen. When Renée turned around her boyfriend was standing right there with a bouquet of flowers and asked her to marry him. It was really cool. She, of course, said “Yes”, after jumping up and down.

After lunch we came home for naps and then headed out to shop for a gas fireplace insert. That wasn’t long, as we knew pretty much what we were looking for. Next step is to get a voucher for my employee discount and then order it with the store manager.

The rest of the day we lounged and I worked on organizing my recipes. I tend to save magazines, so every couple months I go through and cut out the ones I really want to save. Now my long list of “recipes to try” is longer.

It’s time to get ready for the week, but our house smells of burnt popcorn, as Chad didn’t follow the directions and stepped away from the microwave. So in this heat we have the AC turned off, so our house can air out. At least our basement is pretty cool!

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