Talladega Nights and Madison in the Morning

Chad and I have been anticipating Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby all summer, so of course we went opening night. Even though we have Netflix, neither of us could wait for a Will Ferrell movie to make it to DVD. It was good. Hard to tell, when you’re so excited for a movie. It was slow at first, but there were definitely some hilarious parts (or maybe what was hilarious was my husband laughing uncontrollably next to me). Of course, the outtakes at the end were super funny too (but they usually are).

I liked it. Doesn’t compare to Anchorman, Old School, or Wedding Crashers, but come on… it’s Will Ferrell!

Tomorrow I am heading to the Madison area. Reedsburg first for Nicki’s bridal shower, and then on to Monticello to see Lisa and Ed. Hopefully Sunday I’ll get to see Angie too. I haven’t been to Madison in over a year, so I’m excited. Just me and my Harry Potter cds tomorrow!

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