Inspired to Downsize??

Apartment Therapy has some great looking spaces (as small as they may be). I could sit for hours and look through these pictures. Just to see how creative people are and how they use all the space they have, but with beautiful results.

Makes me feel a bit like a pack rat. I admit it; I am. However, I try really hard not to be. Chad and I are both getting better. Our house is functional. Every room is fully finished with the exception of the laundry/furnace room (which is only missing the finished ceiling, as it’s tiled and wallpapered). We really don’t have any place to just stash stuff, besides a couple closets downstairs and some space in the (unheated, uninsulated) garage.

Even though my kitchen is about the size of some of these apartments, maybe I can still learn some functional space saving techniques to use as we go about starting with our finishing touches.

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