County Rooaadd

I set out Saturday morning for my road trip to Wisconsin. Chad and I have discovered that taking 90 through La Crosse from our house in Burnsville is actually a little faster when heading to Madison. As we get more freeway time in Minnesota where the speed limit is 70 and Interstate 90 also seems to be less busy than 94. Plus it’s conducive to stopping at my parent’s in Rochester. Especially this time as I was picking up the sash my mom made for Nicki’s flower girl. After a short visit with my parents, I got back on my way, but I realized I was going to be a little late.

Although once I got off the Interstate in the Dells, my trip became more frustrating as I had definitely allowed enough time to get lost! Once I had recovered from being lost for an hour trying to find Nicki’s shower in Rock Springs, WI, I was able to really appreciate the song County Road, by G.B. Leighton. I realized just how accustomed to city driving I am! I am used to well marked, straight roads! I am not used to driving for 10 miles and then slamming on the brakes, because I just drove past my turn that was only marked at the intersection! 🙂

Once I finally found Nicki’s shower (I was only an hour late) and enjoyed the last hour+ of the party, I headed on to Monticello to Lisa’s house. Now since I had been to Lisa’s house before and verified her directions from Baraboo to Monticello with my road map, I was much more relaxed and enjoyed the drive while counting Kwik Trips (my new favorite gas station) and listening to Harry Potter on cd.

Saturday night, Lisa and Ed were hosting a party to break in the new family room that Ed slaved over this summer in their basement. It is a great room, complete with a big beautiful bar, fireplace, and HD TV. Plus to make it even more enjoyable was kicking off football season with the local tv station playing the Packers Family Night Scrimmage. (What other team could sell out a pre-pre-season inner team scrimmage?!) Lisa had made some great appetizers (a lot with zucchini from Ed’s garden) so I scarfed down a ton of those, as I had missed the food at the shower!

Ed also built a massive bonfire in his attempts to lure people outside away from his beautiful bar. It didn’t work and the bar won! I’m not sure if Ed was happy about his bar being a success or upset that his fire wasn’t a big attraction.

We were up late, so we slept in a little the next morning (9 am). Lisa and I got a chance to talk outside of the party crowd over breakfast. We then showered (got out the bonfire smell) and headed to Middleton to meet Angie for lunch at P.F.Chang’s before heading back home.

One thought on “County Rooaadd

  1. I was at Packer Family Fun Night – I’ve made it there every year – it was a blast! I picked up my Packers socks for the season and a Packers t-shirt for Todd (who will soon be converted to a Packers fan!)

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