Weekly Asides

It’s so so nice, when a salesperson charges you $20 for 3 pairs of underwear and then chases you down when she realizes it’s actually 4 pairs for $20, and THEN doesn’t even make you sit through a cash register exchange, just lets you stuff another pair in your bag.


It’s expensive to use a FAX machine at Kinko’s!!! I think that’s my next money making scheme. Buying a fax machine and only charging $1/page instead of $1.50!!!


My recipes are all organized!!! My next organization project: Wedding Photos. See if I can finish before my 3rd anniversary.


Another money-saving tip. If you find money that you didn’t know you had, go straight to the computer and transfer that amount from your checking to your savings, and then put that cash in your wallet. I found $6 in two different pockets this week. Now my “Change” account has that money.


Yet another $$ tip: I keep a piggy bank in the laundry room. Not kidding. An actual piggy bank, for all change and dollars I find. Why else do you think I do Chad’s laundry? It’s not for the gum, Tums, or golf tees!


Ever take a day off with grand notions of getting a lot done, but then getting none of it? That was me today.


Are these shoes cute (in black)? I really liked them in the store, but not sure. Recently I’ve been really impressed with Clarks’ shoes. Is it because I’m 32 and comfort is more important? Or are they getting cuter? Here’s the other pair I like; what do you think of these? Neither look as cute on the internet as the did in the store. They’re both kind of “practical”, but they are for my wide feet in a business casual environment in suburban Minnesota. I don’t work in downtown Minneapolis anymore. This is high fashion for Lakeville! (No offense Lakeville readers, if there are any of you)


I hate shopping for shirts. I have broad shoulders, so if something fits in the shoulders it is usually too loose in my midsection. I know I can get things taylored, but that’s a pain too. My only hope is that when and if I’m ever pregnant, I should be able to wear regular shirts for a while!


I think tomorrow is “rip down wallpaper” day. I have to start sometime. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

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