Book Club Recap

Last night we had book club at my house. It was a small affair: Anne, Luci, Leah (in her first appearance), and myself. Chad joined us later for cake on the porch too.

We were supposed to read Reading Lolita in Tehran but none of us in attendance actually finished the book. (I know Nicki finished it, but couldn’t make it last night) This is not the first time this has happened. But I am currently reading it and have every intention to finish.

It was a great night to sit out on my porch, and since there were so few of us, we all got a comfy seat! 🙂

As we had not read the book, we just hung out, ate (salad, crab dip, chocolate chocolate chip zucchini cake, and Ben and Jerry’s), and talked. Always a good time with the book club girls!

We’re a pretty fun group. As I was trying to explain to Leah yesterday afternoon, we all have pretty much met each other through our book club, and don’t all share similar histories. It’d be pretty fun to map out the different relationships and how each person came to be a part of the group.

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