WOMEN READ THIS: An Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer

Yesterday, my friend Anne sent me a video clip. Now I hate being an alarmist. It’s really not a great tactic to teach people. But I think in this case, awareness needs to be raised quickly.

The clip was from a news story that Channel 4 out of Seattle (KOMO – ABC) did in May. The story was about Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). IBC is a very aggressive form of Breast Cancer that most women (and some doctors) have never heard of. The story centers around how many women are told they have bug bites or were just too embarrassed by this rash they had developed on their breasts, when in fact it’s IBC.

Everything we hear about mammograms and lumps does not pertain to this type of breast cancer. Yeah, scary stuff. So I highly recommend that you read the article and watch the attached video clips. Here’s the link.

As there is no definite cure, the best chance we have is not being ignorant of the disease and catching symptoms early.

My mom is a testiment to catching Breast Cancer in it’s early stage. My friend Karin’s mom also! We have to be educated and attentive to beat this.

The article states that 1 of 8 women will have breast cancer at some point in their life! One of the women in the first news story was 16 and died, because she was too embarassed to tell her mom when she first noticed symptoms. My point is here: you’re never too young and we’ll all know someone.

Please pass the word, this is important stuff!

Thanks, Anne, for sharing with me! P.S. While searching for more information on this. I found a link at Snopes which confirms this is not a hoax.

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