Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend. Friday night Chad and I headed to Hudson to have dinner with Sarah and Curt. Always a good time with the 2 of them, the only downside is that Chad sometimes comes home with new electronic dreams! We had a great time and finally got to experience night life in downtown Hudson!

Saturday morning we ran some errands, including scouring the area for Burnsville Blaze t-shirts. We finally actually found some in Apple Valley.

The shirts were for the bike tour yesterday afternoon. The bike tour is an annual event with our friends in Northeast Minneapolis. We weren’t actually sure if we were going to go. But once we found the shirts for Team Burnsville Blaze and realized we could get both bikes there, we were very excited. Can you believe I can fit 2 bikes in my Corolla by taking off only the front tires. And the trunk shuts all the way!

We started out at Kyle’s, moved on to Jim and Bridget’s, then to Mike and Beth’s, stopped at a bar/restaurant for dinner before heading to Jim’s (another Jim) and back to Kyle’s. Always a fun time. I think the attendance was down a little this year, but very fun, as I’ve gotten to know more of the ladies in the group recently, so we usually hang out and make fun of the weird girls we don’t know or the guys.

This morning we went to church which was followed by a lazy afternoon. The down time was nice. I finished reading my book, and I think Chad watched some golf.

Chad’s at a Fantasy Football Draft tonight. Hard to believe the NFL season starts in 2 weeks! Crazy! Summer’s still go by too fast!

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