Madison In The Morning

Why would people be googling on the phrase “Madison in the Morning”? Is it a song or show or something like that? They keep finding my post, and I’m sure they’re disappointed as I was actually traveling to Madison in the morning…

Hmmmm…. If you know, please fill me in…

2 thoughts on “Madison In The Morning

  1. Hi i was a Madison fan but i no longer know what radio show she is hosting. She started out on G105 and then she hosted on sunny 93.9. Sunny 93.9 got bought out by Whoopi Goldberg and is now call kiss 93.9. I heard her and Whoopi didnt get along but i am not sure what radio station she is at now. But i know that Madison is from Person County towards Roxboro NC. I live in Raleigh/Durham and I thought i would let you know those are the radio stations. Thanks Amy

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