Five years ago today, I got up, got on the bus, and went to work.
I don’t even think I was past my morning emails when Lisa sent me an IM that a plane had crashed into the WTC. By this time the office was buzzing as none of us could get through to any website that would tell us more info.

I’m not even sure when I heard the 2nd plane hit. I know we eventually watched some coverage on a 4″ TV in a co-workers cubicle, because the breakroom was full.

We were sent home before noon, as our offices at the time were right next to the IDS Tower (the tallest building) in downtown Minneapolis. The buses were packed mid-day as everyone was being sent home.

I was home by myself. My parents were in Iowa on vacation. My brother was in Colorado for work, and Chad was stuck at work. I didn’t have cable, so there was nothing on TV except coverage. So I decided to take advantage of the day off, and mow the lawn. I normally listened to the radio while I mowed, but again, nothing but coverage of the tragedy.

It was a long long day. Chad finally got home from work so I wasn’t by myself. My sister-in-law called. Apparently Drew was in the stage where it was fun to push buttons and turn off the TV, so she wasn’t getting all the coverage.

A day after I was thinking how I had no personal connections to anyone in NYC. But then I remembered my friend Dan. He lived in Cleveland, but had been working on and off in NYC for the last few months. I called him immediately. He answered! His trip had been cancelled that week at the last minute. He was supposed to be staying in the hotel attached to the towers. He was supposed to be there, but he wasn’t.

My brother drove home from Colorado with co-workers shortly after. My parents got back from their trip. And a few days later, my friend Beth got married, and it was a celebration, because everyone was able to make it, even those who had to get on a plane.

I’ll always remember where I was (and where my family was), who told me, and that day, and how it changed our world.

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