Geeky Friday

We went out to dinner and then stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then came home and went our separate geeky ways!

Chad to play Madden 2006 with a friend. 

And me to the computer. 
I wasn’t just surfing.  I dug in.  I geeked out. I figured out some php code!  What is php code? I’m not exactly sure, but it’s what this WordPress blog runs off of! 

So I found a plug-in to add my archives to a separate page and then tweeked it a little so that I could do the same with my recipes and books.  Yes, a little geeky, but look at those cool pages!  (under “See Jane” in the sidebar)

The only question now is who is having more fun, me or Chad? 

(Hey at least I can admit we have our geeky sides!)

P.S. Chad just corrected me. (9/16)  He was playing Madden 2007 last night!  Maybe that’s not quite as geeky?

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