What Luck When Trying To Be Healthy

Thursday I ate spinach! I’m trying to eat better. Saw some spinach at SuperTarget, bought it, and we had spinach salad with our dinner. The next morning, first thing I read is that there is an e. coli breakout related to spinach. And they’re telling everyone not to eat spinach!

From what I see today, most of the brands they have tied it to are Organic. I’m pretty sure we didn’t have organic spinach. Sometimes I go organic, but I don’t think this one was. We’ll see.. from what I’ve read it takes a few days for the illness to set it. Fingers are crossed. But I’m feeling better about the situation.

2 thoughts on “What Luck When Trying To Be Healthy

  1. I always buy the spinach at my neighborhood Supertarget, too. Buying spinach seems like the easiest way to make yourself feel good about being healthful. I have neglected it lately. Now I can feel good about not choosing spinach for a few days, by pretending I was aware and avoiding e coli. That’s awesome. Thanks for the information!

  2. Okay e coli is definitely less fun than clearing out my makeup products – or cleaning the pantry. ::ick::

    But yeah for taking a spinach risk! I recently tried broccoli again and actually liked it…but then, it was smothered in butter, so why not? 🙂

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