Chicken Pot Pie

Tonight we went over to my brother’s to visit the family. And we took them dinner. I made this recipe, that I got from Carrie. She made it during one of our Freezer Cooking Saturdays. Since it was good, I wanted to attempt making it from scratch (not just taking it out of the freezer and baking.)  I think I did pretty well, and it is a surprisingly easy and quick prep meal (although it bakes for an hour).

 Chicken Pot Pie
(makes 2 pies)

2-3 chicken breasts
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp milk
1 potato, peeled and cut into small chunks (I didn’t peel it)
salt and pepper to taste
2 – 9″ deep dish pie crusts
1 onion diced
2 (10 1/2 oz) cans of cream of chicken soup
3 carrots, peeled and cut into small chunks
1/2 cup peas, frozen
2 pie crust rolls, to cover top of pie

1. Cook bottom of pies in the oven until brown. (Follow package instructions)

2. Boil chicken in salt water until done.  Remove meat from water and cut into small chunks.  In a large skillet, brown the meat and onions in the butter. Add the remaining ingredients to the skillet, except pie crust.  Stir until well combined.

3. Evenly scoop mixture into each pie crust. Top each pie with rolled pie crust and crimp sides.

4. Bake at 350 degress for about 1 hour or until crust is brown.

Note: It can help reduce cooking time if carrots and potatoes are slightly cooked before combining in skillet (I microwaved them for a few minutes prior to assembling)

If you want to freeze the pie, let the filling cool before assembling. Then once assembled, wrap (a gallon ziploc works) and freeze.  Thaw completely before baking.

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