Get Back on the Blogging Train

I went out of town for work.  Somehow laying across a hotel bed trying to type on my laptop which is teetoring on the edge of the bed (hotel does not have wireless) is not conducive to blogging each night.

And then if I get behind, I’m inspired even less.  But I’m back. For today anyway. I fly back out tomorrow morning.

Last week, I started the week in Crystal Lake, IL.  It’s not Chicago. In fact it’s closer to WI than Chicago.  But we flew into O’Hare.  We arrived at the store in Crystal Lake.  It’s under construction.  Not just repainting and installing the new model fireplaces.  Construction.  We wore hard hats in the construction area.  No running water. No bathrooms!  Port-a-potties! Seriously! And even though the women had their own port-a-potty that was padlocked. It was still outside.  And it was chilly last week!

On Thursday, I was relocated to Alsip.  That is only 1/2 hour from downtown (on the south side) Better location, but the hotel isn’t as nice.   Oh well. 

Friday afternoon, I left Alsip to go to O’Hare. I allowed plenty of time for traffic.  There was none. So I got to the airport 3 hours before my flight was scheduled to take off at 4:35 pm. Leah did too.  And at least I wasn’t by myself at the airport, because unfortunately it rained in Chicago. As well as in Detroit, where our flight was starting. We didn’t take off until after 10:30.  I didn’t get home until after midnight, which pretty much ruined yesterday, because I was so flipping tired.  I just pretty much laid around, and got caught up on all the TV I missed this week and napped.

I did finally drag myself off the couch to go to Macaroni Grill last night for dinner. Only to return directly after to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith (fun movie).

Which brings me to today.  Packer game, laundry, and packing. I’m going back to Alsip this week for 4 days. 

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