My TiVo is TiVoing again!

Oh,  I had forgotten how much I loved new TV!  Yesterday I woke up and headed downstairs to see what I could find to watch. Since all I wanted to do was lie around, I was delighted to see so much to choose from! 

Grey’s Anatomy – which I actually watched in the hotel on Thursday.  I was so glad to have this show back!  I love the characters and the sub-plots.  The plots actually were maybe a little over the top for me.  But whatever.  McDreamy is still cute. George is still cute. And Finn is still cute!  Plus I love that Christina broke down with Burke.  Yeah!

The Office – This was a pretty funny episode. I hated that the cliffhanger from last season (Jim and Pam) was a minor subplot this week.  I also think that Michael’s character is a little over the top.  I mean, he’s so ignorant, that it’s funny. But at the same time, he’s the manager of this office?  My favorite part was when Dwight received the box from Jim with the ‘gay-dar’ in it.

ER – Yeah, this show has been on forever, but since I’ve watched it from the beginning, I am determined to watch it until the end. And I loved it this week!  I love Abby and Luka’s relationship. I loved that Nela stepped in on the surgery for Jerry.  I love that “Mrs. Costanza” played Jerry’s mom.  Sam saved her son and herself from her horrible ex-husband.  And even the brief glimpses of Shane West were great!

How I Met Your Mother -  Love this show.  Can’t wait for more seasons. I must say though that the show seemed to be lacking without Lilly being a part of the gang. So hopefully she re-emerges from her summer of finding herself soon.  My guess is she will since we saw her standing outside the bar window looking in at the end.

The New Adventures of the Old Christine – I don’t know. I liked this last season. This season not so much. Maybe it’s because I watched in the hotel room without giving it my full attention?

The Class – I tivoed this, because it looked good. I probably won’t again.  Not my favorite.  I’d probably watch it if I was holed up in a hotel with nothing else, but not at home.  Better things to do.

The Biggest Loser – I don’t know why I get sucked into this show. But I do.  It’s definitely a feel good show, because these people are just trying to improve their lives for themselves and their families.

That’s it!
Notice: I’m only watching one reality show! No Survivor this season or Amazing Race!  That’s huge for us!  🙂

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