How is Smoking Legal?

nosmoking.jpgI switched hotel rooms this morning as my original room smelled like smoke.  Cigarette smoke.  Yuck.  It was coming in through the vents.  The front desk assured me that it was most likely someone smoking in a room that they weren’t supposed to… If only Hilton hotels could take a hint from Marriott.

Last week while driving to O’Hare, I saw a billboard that said that Second Hand Smoke causes 8 deaths a DAY in Illinois!  So how is it that smoking is legal if it affects that many people in Illinois alone? 

According to this article, an estimated 50,000 deaths in the U.S. annually are caused by secondhand smoke exposure. (6400 in Minnesota).  The article also talks about how ventilation systems aren’t necessarily effective, because even if they clean up 90% of the smoke, it still leaves unacceptable levels of smoke. That’s scary!

I don’t know. I think the more places that are smoke-free makes me so much more aware when I am around smokers.

Anyway, I’m probably mostly preaching to the choir here. Anyone have any idea on how we can work to get more smoking bans?

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