Weekend Update

Friday afternoon, wasn’t too bad. The crazy problem phone call came at 2:30, so I had time to handle it, and still got out of work at a decent time. I stopped and did some grocery shopping at Target, before heading home to clean.  As stressful as it can be to clean (because we always procrastinate), it’s so nice once we’re done!

Dan, Angie, and Brianne arrived around 9 and we ate dinner and stayed up for a while and just hung out.  Angie and Brianne had to leave early Saturday morning to go dress shopping with her friend Kelly and fulfill some of her Matron of Honor duties.  Chad and Dan left after eating breakfast to head out for a day of golf. 

Angie, Brianne, and I met up later for some shopping at Ikea and the Mall of America. Plus a pitstop at TJMaxx/Homegoods.  It was a fun afternoon, and Brianne did so good. She was a good little shopper! 

They hit the road early this morning as Dan wanted to make it back to Madison for the Packer game at noon.  I laid around the house and watched some TV before getting ready and heading out to a baby shower for Molly.  I missed football, but knowing that the Packers lost, didn’t make me feel so bad.  Plus the shower was fun. It was fun to see Molly and her family and friends again.

After the shower, I went over to my brother’s to see the whole family.  Turns out my parents were there too!  I checked my email this morning before my mom emailed me. I had dinner over there.  It is always fun to spend time with them and see how excited the kids are to see me. 

Home again, and just about ready for bed… after all, I didn’t get a nap yesterday or today!

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