I’m just slacking.  Going to work. Working Late. Coming home. Vegging out. 

Monday. Worked late. Came home and made the Deep Dish Pizza that we made on Saturday during our Freezer Cooking (will post recipe later, it’s my mom’s and so yummy!)

Tuesday. Worked late, got sucked into stuff, and missed book club.  Not happy. Vegged out. Chad was gone all evening with a work happy hour, so I just caught up on some Oprah and other TV.

Wednesday. Worked late.  I had a dr. appt in the morning, so I worked late to make up time and also something came up as high priority, so I had to work on that.  But came home, did some picking up. Put laundry away (after  1 1/2 weeks). And taught Chad how to play cribbage.  He won. Next time I’m not helping him count every hand.

Sorry for the non-eventful post. I’m still here.  Just kind of hibernating in this chilly weather!

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