Weekend Update

The weekend flew by.  Probably because the start of it was so exhausting. 

Friday night, I got home and had to get ready for my Pampered Chef party.  Definitely didn’t have a huge crowd, but it was fun to see everyone that came.  After the party wrapped up, Tara, Sarah, and Kris all stuck around and we stayed up talking and reminiscing until 2 in the morning.  The 4 of us hadn’t been all together since May 1999 and it had been since Sarah’s wedding that I last saw Tara who just moved back to MN last month.  Kris stayed overnight, and although we slept in later than normal, 9 AM is not late when you’ve been up until 2. 

Kris hit the road right after breakfast and I headed out to do some shopping.  I wanted to look for some pants and for a birthday gift for my niece who will be 4 tomorrow.  I didn’t last long, as I was exhausted.  I came home and napped for a couple hours.  Kris came back because she forgot her laptop, so that forced me up. I then caught up on some TiVo before heading back to bed.

Yesterday, I was up and talked to my mom on the phone.  I then headed out to run some more errands as I didn’t find a birthday present the day before.  I got some Taco Bell (yummy crunchy tacos) on my way home and then sat myself down to watch the Packers.  The first half was incredibly slow. The 2nd half much better, but unfortunately I missed Ahman Green’s 70 yard touchdown, because I dozed off, and I wasn’t watching with the TiVo receiver, so I couldn’t rewind.  After the game, I then proceeded to sleep through most of the first half of the Viking game, before I dragged myself off the couch and to the ‘Y’. Chad got home at the same time I did. We had dinner, watched a little baseball and I headed back to bed.  I think I may finally be caught up.  Just in time for a full week of work.  Blah…

Seriously, that was kind of boring, huh.  Well except for Friday night.

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