Busy Weekend

I had such a busy weekend, I was pretty glad not to have to go to work today!

Friday (since I wasn’t working), I was up just as early to go downtown and pick my aunt Marilyn up at her hotel. We then headed over to my brother’s house before leaving for WI to visit my great aunt Alice.  It was about a 2 hour drive. I rode in the back of the van with Katelyn who was a great sport for the long car ride.

We had a very nice visit with Aunt Alice (who I hadn’t seen since my wedding 3 years ago) and she took us all out to lunch.  After lunch we headed out to my cousin John’s farm.  Katelyn had a great time as she got to sit on a horse and a donkey.  And again I hadn’t seen John or his family since my wedding, so that was very nice too!

We got back to town around 6:30, and I spent some time with Andrew as he missed the day trip, because he had to go to school.  Andrew had had a long day too, and was pretty tired, so we didn’t hang around long.

Saturday I was up early to get to the ‘Y’ and decorate the Cinderella cake I had made the night before.  It was a hard cake pan. Lots of detail in the face.  I had made in once before about a year ago, and new it was challenging, but still you don’t always recognize how long things will actually take.

My parents arrived around 2:30. So I visited with them and got ready for the birthday party. We headed over to my brother’s for the big “Princess Ball”.  It was a great party. Lots of people, but fun to see everyone.  We see Melanie’s family quite often, but mostly at birthday parties.


Sunday, my parents and Chad and I got up for 9 o’clock church.  Even with the extra hour I was still tired!  After church, I made breakfast for the 4 of us. My mom had brought up some super yummy bacon and pumpkin bread, so I cooked up the bacon and scrambled some eggs.  Chad went downtown to get Marilyn and brought her back to our house for the Packer game. 

After the Packer game (they won, yeah!!), I made sloppy joes and then my parents headed home.  Marilyn and I headed to the Mall of America to find her some Ugg Gloves, but Macy’s and Nordstroms did  not have the ones she wanted, so we gave up after that.  I dropped her off.  And then I came home. 

Long weekend!

This morning, I was up very early for a doctor appointment.  Came home, took a quick doze on the couch. Filed for unemployment, and then had lunch with a prospective employer.  After that I headed to the ‘Y’.  Haven’t even turned on the TV yet! Chad will be proud!

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