Week and Weekend Recap

Sorry I have not been good about my posts. 

Unemployment is really kind of dull.  I could write about what I saw on Oprah or what jobs I found on monster.com, but really that’s kind of boring.  I could tell you that I paid only $32 for $64 worth of groceries last week, because I had some great coupons and deals, but that’s not really all that exciting either.  So last week Thursday was my first day where I had no plans.  I enjoyed.  Friday was the same.  Not as enjoyable.  It’s not fun to be stuck at home without plans with no money to spend.  I am going to start giving myself tasks each day (besides job searching) so I feel some accomplishment. 

Saturday was a good day.  Chad slept in. I had a lazy morning.  We had pancakes for breakfast and then got to cleaning the house together.  Rod & Molly and Aaron, Kim, & Abby came over last night. We just sat around and ordered pizza.  It was an early night as Abby is only 4 months, and can’t stay out real late yet.  But very nice to see them.

Today we went to late church. After church we had a very nice visit with my friend Elsie and her husband Todd.  I know Elsie from working at HHT, and just ran into her at church last week. They just started going to church there, so it was nice to see her and get to meet her husband.

After church, I came home and watched a frustrating Packer game.  They look pretty good considering how young the team is, but they just can’t afford turnovers.  The Vikings lost too, which is bittersweet, because I want them to lose, but I do feel bad for Chad who gets so frustrated with them.

Tonight I made Chicken and Corn Chowder (a recipe from Karin). Very yummy. I’ll be posting the recipe briefly.

Now I’m ready for bed.  I’ve got a big week of keeping myself busy ahead of me! 🙂

One thought on “Week and Weekend Recap

  1. Morning, Jane. I can sympathize with the whole no-to-do-list syndrome that seems to follow unemployment.

    When I was out of work last year, I tried to get caught up on all of those “when I get a chance” projects (like Munchkin’s scrapbook or polishing all that silver in the china cabinet.). I also tried to catch up on visits that couldn’t be made on the weekends (some of the sweetest time with my dear grandmother I might never have otherwise had). I volunteered more up at the church.

    Overall, just try and enjoy the break from the weekday rush.

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