Things To Do… People To See

This week has definitely gone by a lot faster than last week.  I’ve tried to structure my days better.  Monday, I worked in the yard for a little bit, and started getting the porch ready for winter.  Then I ran some errands.  Tuesday, I talked on the phone to Karin for a good part of the morning. Then met Cindy for lunch, before heading to the polls and then to the library. I stayed up later than normal to watch the election returns. (Not everything went the way I voted, but several did, so I was very pleased)  Today, I had a doctor appointment.  Came home and chatted with Sarah while I checked email and internet.  Napped.  And did some grocery shopping (double coupon day!)  Tomorrow, I have an early dentist appointment and then Lisa, Steph, and Tara are coming over late morning for a visit. And then I have to do laundry to get ready for our trip to San Francisco! 

Still no definite plans on the job front, but still working my leads well…


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