Weekend Recap

The weekend flew by, just like last week did. And I don’t suspect this week to be any different!

Friday afternoon, I had lunch with Kristie and then headed to the grocery store to do my Thanksgiving dinner shopping. My main goal was to avoid the lines this week, although I’m sure I’ll be back, I’m aiming for the express lane!

Friday night, Chad and I met Sarah and Curt at Maggiano’s for a birthday celebration.  Curt reminded me immediately that it won’t be much of a celebration as I can’t drink.  Oh well…  it was still fun, and I still enjoyed myself even though Chad after a few drinks insisted on talking to Curt about speakers…

Saturday, we worked outside and cleaned up the garage. Got things ready for winter.  We put away the patio furniture, which may have been a mistake as we are expecting 30 people for Thanksgiving and temperatures this week may be downright balmy!

Saturday, Chad’s brother and dad also came over to watch the BIG game. No not the Gopher’s  (who did beat Iowa!) but the Ohio State/Michigan game.  Saturday night we laid low. 

Yesterday we were up early for church and then to separate rooms to watch football. The Packers looked bad against New England’s strong defense, and poor Favre got injured (and so did Rodgers, his backup!). Things didn’t go any better in the other room for the Vikings who were playing in Miami. 

Last night we had coffee with our neighbors in the cul de sac and the previous owners of our house. It was nice to catch up beyond saying hello from our respective driveways. We are so lucky to have such great neighbors.

Today I’m going to clean. At least that is what I keep telling myself! 

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