Holiday Weekend

So far, the weekend has flown! I feel more mixed up on days than I think I would if I was working. But I have decided that Thanksgiving is the best holiday to host, because I get at least a full 3 days to recover!

Wednesday afternoon and evening, Chad and I spent cleaning. We cleaned everything, including our closets. I put away all the clothes that don’t fit me and won’t for a while and he moved some things out of the extra room that he somehow claimed.  Wednesday we also got the turkey in the brine and all the tables set up for Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning I was up early to get the turkey in the oven and get my sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes in the crockpot.  I was only in charge of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Everyone brought something (my mother-in-law even brought a second turkey, we didn’t need it, but without it we wouldn’t have had leftover turkey!)  It was a great dinner. Everything was so good! And I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Especially the kids. We had 6 that were 6 or younger, although Elizabeth is only about 2 months, but the rest of the kids played so well together and were great friends!  It was really fun to see them enjoying themselves. Our two nieces who didn’t really know each other before got along great and followed each other around and had to sit with each other at dinner.

My parents and brother’s family also brought our birthday presents on Thursday. I was the lucky recipient of a lefse griddle and all sorts of lefse tools!  So Thursday evening, my mom and I mixed up lefse dough, and got it ready to cook up on Friday. Friday morning, my mom and I were up and rolling out and cooking our lefse. We made a lot. Some pieces turned out better than others. My mom sorted it into being “Aunt Alice” worthy and some to eat at home. My great-aunt Alice was married to a very Norwegian man, so we can only give her the best! 

Friday my mom and I also headed to Savage to check out a quilt shop called Quilt Yourself. We assumed it would be a quilt fabric store, but it turned out to be a place where you can rent time on a long arm quilting machine. My mom was very excited and I’m sure will be up here in the future to try using the quilting machines.  Hopefully I can get my quilt top finished up and she can quilt it for me. I’ve offered it to her as her “trial” quilt.  🙂

My parents left late afternoon after a late lunch of turkey leftovers.  Chad headed out for the evening with the guys, so I curled up on the couch and watched my shows Tivo’ed from earlier in the week.  Today neither of us could sleep in.  I was shocked when Chad suggested we go out for breakfast at 7:30 am!  We went to Pannekoeken for a yummy breakfast!  Then came home and watched a couple movies on DVD, Boiler Room and The Rock.  I took a nap between the movies, so I missed part of The Rock.  Chad headed out to run an errand while I got dinner in the oven, and then started watching Sixteen Candles.  What a great lazy day.  Exactly what we both needed.

It sounds like we will be heading to the Vikings game tomorrow.  Should be fun,  we weren’t even planning on it, but this will be the 3rd year in a row that we go to the Metrodome on Thanksgiving weekend for a Vikings game.  I’m just glad the Packers are on Monday night, so I won’t miss anything. And I’ll be cheering for the Cardinals.

Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend!

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