My HouseWife Days

My Housewife Days are coming to an end!  Yes, I got a job!  I will be working for Solutia as a consultant, and my first assignment will be with Dain Rauscher in downtown Minneapolis.   (I’ll be back on the bus!)

I interviewed for a contract on the 15th, but went into the interview without knowing all the specifics of the project, including length of contract and amount of travel.  Apparently they were impressed, but the timing of everything wasn’t going to work with my schedule.  BUT since they liked my background, they re-evaluated the project and decided they could use another person, so they created a position for me, that does not include travel and overall timing will work with when I need to be gone next spring!

So yeah!!  I will be starting next Monday or Tuesday depending on when all the paperwork gets processed. As we are leaving for Omaha tomorrow for the weekend, I want to get a bigger chunk of my Christmas shopping done today, plus maybe some new work clothes!

4 thoughts on “My HouseWife Days

  1. Fantastic news! Congratulations on the new job – I knew it wouldn’t take you very long. Now you will be able to get a lot of reading done on the bus.

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