More Chicken Noodle Soup, please

It’s that time of year.  Cold and flu season.  Luckily our house is only being plagued by colds.  I got a flu shot last week, so hopefully that keeps it away from me.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that I ride the bus now, I’m exposed to a lot of people that way.

Chad got hit last Wednesday, was feeling better, but now is back on the couch. I came home early today, and slept for 3 hours straight.  My sinuses hurt when I lay down and my throat hurts when I’m upright.  Definitely sinuses for me, but who knows it might just be hormones.

On Friday night, Chad and I met his family at the Oceanaire for our traditional meal, before  heading to the Guthrie for The Christmas Carol.  The new Guthrie is beautiful, but the actual theatre itself still has the same feel as the old building.  Part of it may be that I only ever see The Christmas Carol there!

Since we see the play every year, and Chad wanted to get to his company holiday party we left after the ghost of Christmas Future and headed over to the party. It was fun to see all his co-workers and meet the newer ones.  Although it ended up being a later night than I had anticipated. We weren’t home until after 2. A long day when I got on the bus at 6:45 AM!

Saturday, I slept in a little, but then got up to work on my annual game for Sarah and Curt’s Christmas party.  I usually just take a traditional game and add some new rules.  This year, the game was Drink & Go Fish. I made my own cards with pictures from previous parties and other traditional items (i.e. Uno cards and Captain Morgan).  I only played a half a hand myself (with water) because there are always a lot of people to catch up with!

Again it seemed like a late night. We got home around 1:30, I believe, but it sounds like the party went much later than that!  Yesterday was a bust. I slept until 10. Got up watched TV. Took a 2 1/2 hour nap at noon, and then got up and ordered pizza and watched the Packers. (They finally won again -  5 wins so far this year)

Today I was back on the bus early and to work. I felt pretty horrible on the bus ride downtown. The heat on the bus was pretty high, so I think that was it. I felt a bit better once at work, but by noon I decided to come home.  I’m going to watch How I Met Your Mother and then grab a book and go to bed. We just have to get rid of these bugs!

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