Small World Stories

If you know me, you know that I often have “small world” stories.  I’ve had 3 since Friday!

1. Friday, I learned that another consultant that started in my group at work last week is from the small town near where I used to live in WI.  He went to high school with my friend Theresa and they were good friends in high school!

2. Saturday I learned that our friend Ben (who went to UW-Stout and often comes over to watch the Packers at our house) went to elementary school with my cousin Teddy and my friend Lisa’s younger sister.

3. Today, I went to my first company meeting for my new consulting position, and learned that a college classmate of mine, Lana, works for the same company!

One thought on “Small World Stories

  1. Hey Jane, Who was the guy from Eleva? Oh and I was going to write you and let you know Lana works there. I got her Christmas card and realized that you work at the same place now. Small world for sure.

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