I Had to Bail.

5 days – 40 hours. Takes a lot out of a girl!  Wow… After not working for so long a full week of work is tiring!  Although that paycheck I got today was very very nice!

Tonight we were invited to a birthday party of one of Chad’s co-workers.  I was tired after work and a quick trip to Target. Chad suggested I take a nap after we ate.  Bad idea.  Waking up startled by an alarm at 8:10 pm to get ready to go out is not good.  Not going to happen.

Normally Chad gets upset when I bail, but he knows I’m tired. He knew he’d rather go by himself than have me go with and then deal with me not wanting to stay!  Plus I’ve had 4 nights in December already, where I stood around, drank water, and dealt with a lot of people over-indulging.  (Although Sarah and Curt’s party was fun, and it was Chad’s idea to leave!)

Tomorrow, hopefully the tree will go up. Else I fear it will not go up at all. And I’m done shopping, so the wrapping can begin!  Oh.. and I bought stuff for Chex Mix.  Yum!!!

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