Comfort vs. Style — Comfort Won.

Today I did it. Committed a Fau Paux (did I spell that correctly?) that I thought I would never ever commit.

I wore athletic shoes with black pants for my commute! I keep thinking at least they are gray and not white shoes.  Seriously, since it snowed last weekend, we now have an icy driveway and the streets are icy. Plus since I am out there before the sun comes up, I can’t even see where it might be slippery. SO I was going to wear my tall black Ugg boots to the bus stop. But then it’s like 35 degrees… And I knew my feet would be sooo hot on the bus. So there were my shoes. Just sitting there. I just slipped them on and ran out the door!

I changed once I got to work, but I put them back on for the bus ride home. I know. Tacky, but I just couldn’t help myself, and my feet were so comfortable waiting for the bus and walking through the skyway. Oh, I feel old.

2 thoughts on “Comfort vs. Style — Comfort Won.

  1. I totally caved on wearing tennis shoes to commute once I moved to Chicago. I have to walk about 5-6 blocks to the el and then another 2 blocks once downtown. My feet can’t take that in heels!!

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