Pretty Nice Little Saturday

Today has been a busy day. I was up early and watched a little TV. Then showered and headed to Sam’s Club. I was not expecting the quiet atmosphere there with NO lines. Love it. I came home. And got some chicken in the Crockpot to make BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.

Then Chad and I headed out to run errands. He got his haircut first and I browsed around the stores in the area. We had a quick bite at Arby’s. Then headed to the grocery store. Chad was not excited to go with, but I wanted to get salt for the water softener and bottled water. That’s all getting a little heavy for me now.

After we got home, I made some Chex Mix and then headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (“Pretty nice little Saturday“) I got a present for Chad’s parents for their birthdays and a Dirt Devil Broom Vacuum for ME! I’m very excited. Can’t wait for it to charge. It will be nice to sweep and not have to bend over to get the dustpan! OK, maybe I shouldn’t be that excited, BUT at least it wasn’t a Valentine’s present or something!

Once home, we finished putting the Christmas decorations away. And then we put an insulated cover over our water heater. Just something that was suggested when Al Gore was on Oprah a few weeks ago, talking about An Inconvenient Truth. Now we’ve done 4 of his 5 suggestions. (Still haven’t planted any trees.)

Anyway, that has been my Saturday so far. Pretty Nice Little Saturday…

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